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Today you will learn what you need to know about how a dolphin breathes
and how you can mimick this behavior for greater health and happiness.

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Answer: They coast on the inhale side of their breath cycle.

They come to the surface to get their air and then they submerg and go about their business.

We on the other hand... COAST ON THE EXHALE SIDE! Shallow breathing!

Think about it. Whenever you feel like taking a breath of air... you simply inhale.

But then we exhale just as quickly and go about our business on the exhale side of our breath cycle.


If you would... take a deep breath and just hold it for a few moments.

Then release that breath slowly through pursed lips...

Done? Now take another deep breath... through your nose of course... and then blow out again.

Do this several times and soon you'll start feeling "Light-headed."

This is telling you there is more oxygen in your system.

You may even start giggling.


Now why do you want to breath like a dolphin?

Because you'll have better health and more energy to burn in your brain.

You see the brain burns glucose with oxygen which then ignites the light you use to see visions and feel feelings.


Now... once again...

Breathing Like A Dolphin

Dolphins Diving

The secret to applying Hyperbaric Breath as taught by is adopting a "dolphin-like" cycle of breathing.

Consider how dolphin breathe. They have to go to the surface to get their supply of oxygen. Then they dive, taking that oxygen with them and for every measure of depth down they go, they add an extra amount of atmospheric pressure to that quantity of oxygen. This oxygen is slowly pressurized and dissolved into their lungs as they go about their fascinating life of eating, sleeping and playing all day. They're coasting on the inhale side of their breath cycle. Then they rise to the surface for more air!

"Dolphins coast on the inhale side of their breath cycle!"

"... we humans... coast on the exhale side of our breath!"

Needless to say... when we turn that coasting cycle around we derive the extra benefits and a totally different experience from our day. You see, from the moment of birth we've been privy to readily available oxygen. All we need do is simply inhale and there it is. Oxygen. We as a species have become very lazy, sloppy breathers.

Oxygen is such a wonderful substance and those who learn how to breath it in properly will benefit the most from substantially increased usage of the brain which just so happens to run on oxygen.

Remember way back when? Old timey photographers would get their old timey camera out, fix a load of gunpowder on a stick next to them and then lit it as the shutter opened to take the picture. Flash! They did this to get a clearer image of their subject. Likewise the brain utilizes oxygen to create the flashes in our mind during the process of viewing images we call thinking. The more oxygen we have available.. the clearer the images we'll have as a result.

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