Breathing Tips and other Mnemonic Devices

1. If you are a smoker trying to quit smoking remember every time you see someone else light up or smoke a cigarette.. allow yourself to have an Airgerette. Pronounced air-gurr-ette, an airgerette is a period of enjoying breathing by taking deep breaths, holding them and then blowing out slowly. Repeat and rinse. Erm... just kidding about the repeat and rinse.. he he!

2. Everytime you notice you're holding your breath.. take a deep breath and hold it releasing with pleasure.

3. Whenever you need to concentrate on something and you want to vividly remember it... take a deep breath and hold... and then go at it.

4. Whenever you have to or get to appear on stage... or take a difficult test... take deep breaths and hold them... and then blowing out slow and hard... thereby pressurizing the oxygen into your blood stream.

5. When you are doing this or doing that... remember to breath like a dolphin and enjoy being satisfied with your life and feeling gratitude for your existence.

6. Remember to always breath "in" through your nose. If you can't do this there is something wrong with your nasal passageway that can either be fixed by natural methods or at the extreme surgery. Stay away from breathing in through your mouth as much as possible. The nose was designed for four major functions. 1. The nose cleans/filters the air. 2. The nose moistens the air (as long as you're properly hydrated.) 3. The nose is used for tasting the fragrance of the air and food you eat. 4. The nose absorbs minute amounts of oxygen and mainlines it to the brain immediately (oxygen absorbed through the lungs takes a while to get to your brain.) Breathing through your mouth is like eating through your nose. Weird!

7. Regarding the nose mainlining oxygen into the brain... anxiety is the Greek word for excitement without breath. You can be very excited about something but with little oxygen you will not derive as deep a satisfaction or appreciation for what you're excited about. So whenever you notice you're experiencing anxiety... please do the following... Take a deep breath, through your nose, and hold it while blowing out hard at the same time through a very tiny aperture/opening in your lips. Repeat as often as necessary to find relief.

8. Do Dolphin Breathing Cycles with your friends when you go out on the town. This way you'll be able to get by on spending less to feel happy. Your drinks will last longer and you'll be a lot more whatever.

9. As the last thing you do for getting dressed... stand up straight pull your shoulders back and let them drop... hold your head squarely on your shoulders all the while taking a deep breath and saying to yourself... This is The Day I will Make it!


Stay tuned -- more to follow!

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